Our Approach

What we do

Blue is an asset management and investment company that actively works with its investee companies to help them achieve agreed financial, social and environmental goals. Performance against these goals is regularly measured to enable appropriate intervention as required, and so that key stakeholders can be kept informed.

Why we invest

Blue invests in businesses to generate financial returns for its shareholders and to make a positive difference, socially and environmentally.

Where we invest

Blue is not restricted to any specific geography but in the near term will focus on regions where it already has a footprint, including sub-Saharan Africa.  Where the investment case is commercially robust, and consistent with its purpose and values, Blue will support the local, regional or international expansion of platform businesses, once established in their home market.

Investment Policy

Blue invests in new and existing platform businesses that have proven and successful management teams, to finance acquisitions and provide development capital for new projects.  Blue seeks to secure reliable long-term revenue streams, while furthering its purpose in accordance with its values.  In making investment decisions Blue will carefully consider the value it can bring to opportunities, through its experience and contacts in the jurisdiction or industry in question, and synergies with its other investments.


Blue is currently focusing on investment opportunities in the renewable energy, natural resources and sustainable property development sectors in sub-Saharan Africa.

How we interact with our Businesses/Investments

Platform investments will be run independently but with Blue’s guidance and support wherever appropriate.  In that sense the model is similar to the private equity model.  An important distinction however is that Blue will generally not be constrained by any institutional requirement to exit its investments within pre-determined timeframes.  This aligns Blue’s interests more closely with those of its investee companies and allows Blue greater flexibility to achieve its objectives.  Also, Blue will typically provide more direct corporate support than a purely financial investor, particularly in those areas where it can add most value – complex commercial, legal and corporate finance matters, governance risk and compliance and ecologically sustainable business models.